Young Author Support

Program for Support of Developing Countries Young Authors' Attendance at IFAC Congresses and Symposia


The IFAC Foundation will provide funding to the IFAC CTS 2021 Symposium to waive the registration fees of a limited number of young authors from developping countries.
A young author is eligible for support if he/she:
• is an author of a technical paper which has been accepted at the Symposium. He/She should be the author presenting the paper.
• is not a citizen of a high income country/region and must not be affiliated to or supported by any institution in a high income country/region. A list of high income countries can be downloaded here.
• is younger than 30 years during the Symposium.

Award recipients must write a short report (a few lines) about their work, paper title, and stating what the attendance meant to them, and what they learnt. The recipients give their consent that the report together with their picture and a brief bio will be uploaded on the Foundation website.



Deadline for Applications: 15th of November 2020

Applicants notified: 25th of February 2021


Application instructions can be found in the application form are available here.